The Cleft Chinchilla Appeal Appeal Foundation


Every week, ones of Thomas Chappells are forced to sit for upwards of 45 minutes to record a podcast on the floor, causing their back and bum irreparable damage.

At least one hour of gruelling work, talking and sitting, is maybe happening right now while you relax on your comfortable sofa.

100% of Thomas Chappells suffer with long limbs. Without proper seating equipment, Thomas Chappells on average can only remain seated for 32 minutes before having to seek additional support.

We, at The Cleft Chinchilla Appeal Appeal Foundation, are striving to create a world in which Thomas Chappells never have to suffer in silence again.

We have the support of the chinchillas -
do we have yours?

For just approximately £200 (we're not sure, we haven't really researched it), you can help a man exactly and only like Thomas Chappell by saving his long legs from being contorted and strained.

Any contribution you can offer will make the world of difference to Thomas Chappells everywhere.

A Thomas Chappell, having to perform stretches after a particularly bad bout of floor-sitting. © Emma Hebron, 2019

Thomas is reaching out.

The chinchillas want to help.

Do you?

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